Work in Progress

Association web site: work in progress and coordinated teamwork

The Cultural Association “Terracotta and Wine” has set up its own website in order to publicize and promote the craftsmanship involved in the making of terracotta vessels and their use in the food and wine industries. The website will publish information concerning activities, events, training programmes and various appointments.

The site was released online after careful graphic design-work regarding creation of content and choice of images. In the final revision the aim was to produce a site that in addition to being responsive with a clear, intuitive and usable structure, would highlight through images and content the fascinating, ancient yet extraordinarily contemporary world of winemaking in amphora: the respect for the vineyard and its territory, the enhancement of the work in the cellar, the trend for a more natural beverage that best meets the ever changing tastes of the wine-loving public.

Here is a moment of this meticulous project developed together with our web-designer. This shot, taken during a work break, is the only improvised thing on this site and is witness to the teamwork that has accompanied the entire work.

A pedestrian walkway to get to the location of "Terracotta and Wine 2016"

Work is now coming to a close on a pedestrian walkway linking Fornace Agresti, the historical terracotta workshop in via delle Fornaci, to the street below. The walkway, of about 150 meters, will enable people to get to the location of the Convention “Terracotta and Wine 2016 “ on foot from a convenient free parking area.

Those who arrive by car to the event can comfortably park in via Europa, the street below the Agresti workshop (which is built on a hill) and use this new shortcut to the location. The walkway also connects the event to the Artenova workshop, which during the Convention will be open for guided tours. The new entrance will be sign-posted “Fornace Agresti” with distinctive terracotta elements of our own production.

La Terracotta e il Vino