The two guided wine tasting sessions are for a limited number of 40 people. We advise pre-registration

This year there are two guided wine tasting sessions scheduled for “Terracotta and Wine.” Both are free entry and have a maximum closed number of 40 people per session. Those interested in participating will be able to register directly on our website. The first session is on Saturday 19th (at 15.00 hours) set up by Francesco Bartoletti and guided by Dr Paul White, and is entitled “A Meeting of long lost Cousins after 2000 years” with amphora wine producers from Georgia and Portugal. The session on Sunday, November 20th (at 11.30) is conducted by Oenologist Adriano Zago and is entitled “Island Amphora wines from Tuscany and Sardinia”. As the available places are max 40 for each session a pre-registration is recommended. This can be done by sending an email to

The tasting session on Saturday 19th (at 15.00 hrs) is a world-first, with the meeting between Georgian and Portuguese producers for a comparison between the two oldest amphora wine traditions in the world the 8000 year old Qvevri tradition from Georgia and the 2000 year old Talha tradition from Portugal. Both countries are, in fact, the only places in the world to have continued uninterruptedly to produce wine in amphora for millennia. “Terracotta and Wine 2016” brings them together for the first time after 2000 years! Wine making originated in Georgia and was transported to Portugal by the Romans so the two traditions are related: Hence the meeting of distant cousins. It will be the first time that Portuguese and Georgian producers will meet around a table to taste their wines and exchange experiences. The Award winning journalist Dr Paul White and wine expert for The “World of Fine Wine”, recently back from a visit to Georgia (see the September edition of World of Fine Wine) will conduct the session with a presentation by Irakli Cholobargia representing the National Wine Agency of Georgia with the two oldest Talha wine producers Pedro Ribeiro and Domingos Soares Franco who will represent Portugal.


The session on Sunday November 20th (at 11:30) is entitled “Island Amphora wines from Tuscany and Sardinia” Adriano Zago, winemaker and agronomist, will guide us in a wine tasting of biodynamic and organic Vineyards who have chosen winemaking in amphora as a tool to integrate their own unique interpretation of a practice very close to their particular “terroir” influenced by the sea and the sun of some of the most beautiful of the Italian islands.



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