The Programme of the event: a conference and two days of wine tasting and enlightenment on amphora wines



Download the PDF of the-programme-terracotta-and-wine-2016

We have two intense days coming up, the protagonists of which are Terracotta and Wine with a conference and guided wine tasting sessions that will give to wine lovers, critics, and experts in the field a unique and fascinating experience on amphora wines. There are two guided wine tasting sessions scheduled during this years “Terracotta and Wine” (Impruneta, 19 – 20 November 2016) The one on Saturday 19th  (at 15.00 hrs) is a World First, bringing together at the same table for the first time Georgian and Portuguese producers for a tasting of their wines and an exchange of experiences. Georgia and Portugal alone, have maintained unbroken traditions of amphora winemaking for millennia. The second session is on Sunday at 11.30 and will transport the participants to the sunny Islands of Sardinia and the Tuscan Archipelago for a tasting of  “island” amphora wines.

Of great cultural importance on Saturday 19th  (at 11.00 hrs) we have the conference on Oenological Science and Archaeology which will discuss topics oriented around the scientific and historical aspects of the relationship between terracotta and wine. The scientific discussions in particular will reveal the results of analytical investigations that will bring new light to the use of terracotta in oenology.

Among the speakers there will be journalist Paul White, an expert of wine and award-winning correspondent for The World of Fine Wine who will expound on the newest trend in winemaking, inspired by the ancient Georgian and Portuguese traditions. The undisputed star of the two days at Impruneta will be Wine but in addition to the conference and to the two guided wine tasting sessions, there will also be a video documentary by Guillaume Bodin entitled “Wine, Women and Bio-dynamics” (on Saturday 19th at 17.30 hrs) and the presentation of the book ” Voyage en amphore ” by Keiko Kato and Maika Masuko (on Sunday 20th at 15.00 hrs).

Download the PDF of the-programme-terracotta-and-wine-2016



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