The magnificent Certosa di Firenze is the 2022 location of the two days (4 and 5 June) of wines in amphora from all over the world

The location is one of the novelties of the fourth edition of “Terracotta and Wine“: the magnificent Certosa di Firenze will host for the first time this year the world’s most important Amphora Wine event after the past three editions that took place at the historic Fornace Agresti in Impruneta,.


An evocative place, full of History and Art, framed in an enchanting panorama on the top of Monte Acuto, also known as “Monte Santo”(holy mount), the Certosa di Firenze is a majestic monastic complex in Galluzzo, a little town between Florence and Impruneta. The complex was commissioned by Niccolò Acciaiuoli, a prominent figure on the 14th Century political and economic scene.


Construction began in 1341, followed by numerous interventions, modifications and extensions, which from the 1400s continued through to the 1800s, giving the building a predominantly Renaissance structure. This site, where you can experience a particular atmosphere of peace and beauty, represents the founder’s will to make it a place of contemplative prayer (it was managed until 1957 by the Carthusian friars) and also for the study and promotion of the humanistic and cultural ideals of the time.

La Terracotta e il Vino