Terracotta & Wine 2016

Terracotta and Wine 2016 – 2nd
International Convention
19-20 November 2016 Fornace
Agresti - Impruneta (Florence, Italy)

Producers of Amphora Wine from all over the world, 19-20 November 2016, at historical terracotta workshop Fornace Agresti, Impruneta,Tuscany


On 19th and 20th November 2016 in Tuscany at the Historical Fornace Agresti Impruneta (Florence, Italy) will be held the 2nd International Convention “Terracotta and Wine” dedicated to wine in amphora promoted by the homonymous Cultural Association of which the Terracotta Workshop Artenova is creator and founding member. The Impruneta workshop owned by Leonardo Parisi has already to its credit the promotion of many initiatives such as wine-tasting and conferences on making wine in terracotta, known as Amphora Wine.

This is the 2nd International Convention on the use of terracotta in winemaking since the first in 2014 which was also held in Impruneta (Florence, Italy), at the Historical terracotta workshop “Fornace Agresti”. Producers of wine in amphora from all over the world will be able to exchange experiences and knowledge during a technical conference of high cultural level, with the participation of Italian and international Academics, Journalists and Winemakers. In the two days of the convention, in addition to the technical conference, there will be guided wine tasting sessions open to the public, exhibition stands, performances and visits to the Artenova Workshop.

The main novelties of the 2016 edition is the number of stands reserved for National and International exhibitors. From the 29 of the previous edition the number goes up to 40 and the subsequent growth of exhibition stands on the first and second floors of Fornace Agresti. The event this year will for the first time, host a wine shop for the sale / purchase of wines with the possibility for producers to sell their white and red wines aged and fermented in terracotta jars.

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