Terracotta e Vino – About Us

A Website concerning the use of terracotta in the food and wine sector

This website aims to divulge and promote the artisanal production of terracotta with particular attention to its use in the food and wine sector.

The biennial event “Terracotta and Wine“, devoted exclusively to Amphora Wine, in its editions between 2014 to 2022, has become the most important of its kind in the world and represents the culmination of divulgement.

The Event whose main sponsor is Artenova, the company of Leonardo and Andrea Parisi from Impruneta, leader in the production of terracotta wine-jars, was created by them precisely with the intent to make known the practice of winemaking in terracotta in Italy and around the world.

The practice widespread today among many wine producers, brings to light an ancient technique, which has its roots in the Greek-Roman era, when terracotta amphorae were used for the processing of grapes and for the transport and trade of wine.

Terracotta and Wine” was a great opportunity to find out the benefits related in particular to the terracotta of Impruneta, an extraordinary type of clay renowned for its characteristics in particular from a chemical-physical aspect. Above all the Event aimed to be a recurring appointment for an exchange of experiences on winemaking in amphora between Italian and foreign wine producers for which this practice represents a strong stylistic choice.

The intent of this website, is also to find a meeting point between tradition and innovation, between the use of ancient processing techniques and the need to explore the new expressive and functional potential of clay.

La Terracotta e il Vino