Online pre-registration for “Terracotta and Wine 2022”, all the advantages: the discount on the entrance ticket, the benefits of becoming a member, the reserved queue at the entrance

“Terracotta and Wine 2022” (4th and 5th June, Certosa di Firenze) now offers the possibility to buy the entrance ticket online. This mode allows visitors to take advantage of a 5euro discount (20 Euros, instead of 25 Euros full price)

Also, by registering online, you will receive a membership card for 2022 to the Cultural Association La terracotta e il vino, promoter of the event. Both the ticket and membership card will be consigned to you as you go in to the event (read here the advantages of becoming a member and the summary of ticket prices).

Pre-registration for the event, membership and payment of the ticket at 20 Euros, can be done simultaneously in a single step by filling in the appropriate FORM at this link:

In addition to the discounted ticket, online pre-registration allows you to take advantage of easier access to the event by avoiding the queue at the cash desks.

Entrance to the event is naturally guaranteed even without online pre-registration by purchasing the ticket on the spot. However, the organization recommends pre-registration online in order to be able to:

– join the reserved fast queue at the entrance.

– avoid waiting to pay because you will have already paid online (by online bank transfer or with Paypal or Credit Card).

–  receive the membership card of the Cultural Association and your personal ticket directly at the Reception desk as you go in.

Important: If you pay by online bank transfer you MUST bring with you to show at the entrance, the notification of the transfer either on your smartphone or a printed copy (notification or printed copy are not necessary if the payment is made by Paypal or Credit Card).

Entrance to the event is naturally guaranteed even without online pre-registration. In this case, the entrance ticket can be purchased on the spot at following costs

25 Euros for those not interested in joining the Cultural Association;

20 Euros for those who wish to become a member of the Association.


Tickets can be purchased directly at the reception desk of the event, at the Certosa di Firenze, only during the opening hours of the event on 4th and 5th June from 10.00 to 19.00. We accept payment by credit card and cash.


With the ticket, you will receive a wine glass with a holder which you can take home at the end of the event.


LINK to the FORM for online pre-registration

La Terracotta e il Vino