Terracotta and Wine 2022 (4-5 June) – PRESS RELEASE No. 1, April 20, 2022

At the Certosa di Firenze, the largest Amphora Wine event in the world

Sixty exhibitors from all over the world, and over 200 labels


Florence (Italy)- Attempts were made to reschedule new dates for the event in 2020 and 2021 but because of the unprecedented and unpredictable health situation we were forced to postpone several times. Now at last, the 4th edition of “Terracotta and Wine 2022”, the most important Amphora Wine event in the world, returns on June 4th and 5th in the magnificent setting of the Certosa di Firenze (Florence, Italy). The event is organized by Cultural Association La terracotta e il vino and its main sponsor is terracotta producer, Artenova Terrecotte owned by Leonardo and Andrea Parisi, which is based in Impruneta (Florence-Tuscany). The event will host Sixty Italian and foreign exhibitors from all over the world who will present their wines all exclusively made in Amphora. This edition will see a much expanded parterre of exhibitors compared to the last one thanks to its new location, The Certosa di Firenze, a magnificent monastic complex just outside Florence, which in addition to being a unique site for its wealth of History and Art, offers spacious and welcoming environments. The size of the building will enable better distancing, further ensuring the safety of exhibitors and visitors. During the two days of the event, Amphora Wine lovers, wine enthusiasts, professionals, wine critics and journalists will have the opportunity to taste over 200 wine labels made exclusively in terracotta wine-jars. Exhibitors from all over the world will take part in one of the most singular moments of reflection on the relationship between terracotta and wine, comparing the experiences and stylistic choices of producers who have made production in terracotta a calculated oenological practice.


For the fourth year of the edition the organizational team is back once again under the general coordination of Sergio Bettini, together with Oenologist Francesco Bartoletti of Artenova Terrecotte who has followed the experimentation since Artenova first began to make wine-jars in 2008, and Adriano Zago Agronomist and Oenologist expert in biodynamics. As consultants, Sergio, Francesco and Adriano have  continued advising the new corporate direction of Artenova which, thanks to the interdisciplinary collaboration of various experts, has become an international success.

The programme for Terracotta and Wine 2022 is still being defined but the format of the event essentially remains the same and much appreciated one of the past editions with wine-tasting at the show counters, guided wine-tasting moments led by expert Oenologists and a Technical Conference, which brings together Italian and international experts in an exchange of fascinating talks about Amphora Wine and its Culture and on the scientific innovations of the use of terracotta in oenology.


The technique of winemaking in amphora. Looking at the past to interpret the future


Winemaking in amphora is a technique that has distant roots in time. Terracotta vessels are among the oldest oenological containers ever to be used for both fermentation and conservation. The rediscovery of Amphora Wine brings with it the rediscovery of ancient flavours and aromas, which reinterpreted with modern day expertise makes us wonder how it could ever have been lost to us for so long. At the Certosa on June 4th and 5th, we can discover the truest identity of terracotta wines. Terracotta is a natural element. It keeps the characteristics of the grape varietals intact enabling them to express their full potential. The resulting wine is uniquely faithful to its terroir, vital and expressive. The use of terracotta is also an excellent choice in terms of sustainability and well-being, a return to the earth and nature.

Participating in the event during the two days of the Certosa will be like taking a journey through time, with an eye on the future of a product, Amphora Wine, which is already very much in the present.


The Characteristics of Terracotta from Impruneta


  1. It provides excellent thermal insulation allowing for optimal wine storage.
  2. It allows the wine to oxygenate, comparable to the oxygenation inside a medium-sized oak barrel, with the advantage of not adding either tannins or aromas to the wine.
  3. It brings out the grape varietal and in general the characteristic flavour of the fruit.
  4. Its excellent insulation and oxygenation help to bring out the flavour of varieties with exuberant fruit such as Aglianico, Montepulciano, Piedirosso and Syrah, often flattened in other types of container.

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