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La Terracotta and Wine 2018 24-25 November 2018 Fornace Agresti – Impruneta (Florence) – PRESS RELEASE N. 1


Amphora Wine from every region in Italy and from many countries around the world congregate in Impruneta: 42 producers and over one hundred labels. This year’s conference includes the final results of the research on terracotta wine conducted by the Department of Chemistry of Florence University. On exhibition also Amphora Beers


Impruneta, 22 October 2018 – The happy combination of terracotta and wine is repeated this year on the occasion of the 3rd edition of the event “Terracotta and Wine 2018” which on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November will call to Impruneta (near Florence) Amphora Wine lovers, wine enthusiasts, critics and journalists from all over the world. In the historical location of Fornace Agresti, an 18th century terracotta workshop renovated for exhibition purposes by the Municipality of Impruneta, 42 producers will be the protagonists in the two days of the event with their wines made in terracotta. Many are from Italy (almost every region will be represented) as well as from different parts of the world (Australia, USA, Armenia, Portugal, France, Spain, Austria and Greece). A convention of international wine producers who have embraced the use of terracotta as a quality stylistic choice. “Terracotta and Wine 2018” is the most important event in the world to be devoted exclusively to Amphora Wine. However this year sees exponents of a new trend with producers of beer in amphora who have gone beyond the classic idea of ​​beer and today consider the terracotta jar a valuable tool in order to create unique beers now emerging on the international brewing scene. This year, once again the event is organized and promoted by the Cultural Association “La terracotta e il vino” whose president Leonardo Parisi, is the owner of the Impruneta terracotta producers, Artenova. The event comes also under the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and with the contribution of the Municipality of Impruneta. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste over a hundred labels of wines refined in amphora present at the exhibition stands and inside the event there will be a refreshment point consisting of “islands” of Tuscan gastronomic excellencies selected in collaboration with Slow Food Florence. There will also be a wine shop where you can buy the wines of the participating producers.  For a faster reception at the entrance, avoiding long queues, the organizers recommend online pre-registration (absolutely free) on the event’s website The main sponsor of the event is the Banco Fiorentino Mugello, Impruneta, Signa. The organization is again entrusted this year to Sergio Bettini, consultant of Artenova since the first years of experimentation that have led the company from Impruneta to become a world leader in the production of wine jars.

The programme

Saturday November 24th – The highlight of the event will be the Technical Conference scheduled for the opening of the event bringing together International and Italian Academics and experts with interventions on wines and the use of the amphora as an ever more widespread practice in oenology. The scientific novelties on wine in amphora will be at the centre of the conference, with foreign speakers such as Professor Manuel Ferreira, of the Institute of Agronomy of the University of Lisbon and Armenian Archaeologist Dr Artur Petrosyan, from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Among the Italian academics there will be Professor Franco Cambi, lecturer in Landscape Archaeology of the University of Siena, who will talk about the wine of the ancient Romans “between landscape, technology and taste”. During the conference, Tania Martellini and Alessandra Cincinelli of the University of Florence will focus, on the latest results of a research on how the terracotta of Impruneta influences the quality of wine in amphora, a survey that the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence conducted together with Artenova, the terracotta producers from Impruneta. To moderate the meeting together with Adriano Zago, oenologist, agronomist, and consultant in biodynamic agriculture, there will be Paul White, journalist of The World of Fine Wine, already host of the event in the 2016 edition.

Sunday, November 25 – A double date: in the morning, a guided wine-tasting session by winemakers Adriano Zago and Francesco Bartoletti and in the afternoon, the presentation and tasting of beer in amphora produced by the companies present at the event. Prior to the guided tasting sessions, the morning will open with a round-table between producers participating in the event and insiders on state-of-the-art winemaking in amphora. The afternoon will see an event within the event, with the “Concerto for Terracotta” by the music group “Handlogic” with music composed by Lorenzo Pellegrini, Leonard Blanche, Alessandro Cianferoni and Daniele Cianferoni. The group which started up in 2016 has already collected more than 100 concerts in Italy and after a tour of Germany and the Czech Republic is about to release an album of remixes of the songs by “EP”. On Sunday afternoon these talented artists with the refined music that is making them famous throughout Europe will give, exclusively for “Terracotta and Wine 2018”, a fascinating and unique performance on amphorae, jars, urns and other objects made of Impruneta terracotta, transformed into exceptional musical instruments.

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