Edition 2016

Terracotta and Wine 2016 - 2^ International Convention
19-20 November 2016 Fornace Agresti - Impruneta (Florence, Italy)

Producers of wine in amphora from all over the world meet on 19- 20 November 2016 in the 18th C workshop “Fornace Agresti”,Impruneta, Tuscany Italy


The 2nd International Convention “Terracotta and wine 2016” will be held (19 – 20 Nov), in Impruneta, a small town, renowned for its terracotta, nestled in the hills overlooking Florence, Tuscany. The event will take place in the magical setting of an 18th century terracotta workshop, “Fornace Agresti”. The convention is all about winemaking in amphora and is promoted by the Cultural Association “Terracotta and Wine” created by Artenova, a workshop specialised in the production of wine-jars for professional use. The owner Leonardo Parisi already has numerous initiatives to his credit, dedicated to wine-tasting and conventions on winemaking in amphora.

This will be the 2nd International Convention that has now become a biennial event after the one held in 2014 again staged in Impruneta. Like last time the event is open to the general public and offers the unique opportunity to taste and compare these unusual and extraordinary wines from all over the world. This year the number of stands has grown from 29 (in 2014) to 40, as now more and more wine producers are making wine in terracotta (champagne and beer too!) An “Enoteca” (wine-shop) will be set up especially for the occasion where it will be possible to buy the wines on show. The event will also host talks and debates on a more cultural/technical level, where wine makers specialized in the production of amphora wine will share their experiences and in some cases millennial traditions. There will also be several guided wine tasting sessions with italian and International names as well as various musical performances and tours of the Artenova workshop.

“Terracotta and Wine 2016” – Press Office Paola Baroni – Cell. 3394509707 – info@terracottaevino.com

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