Cultural Association

The Association "La Terracotta e il Vino" a world-wide promoter of an ancient combination of elements thousands of years old

La Terracotta e il Vino” is a cultural association that aims to raise awareness and promote the knowledge behind the craftsmanship of the artisans of terracotta with special attention to its use in the food and wine industry. In this regard, the association also presents itself as a meeting place through the organization of events, conferences, lectures and training courses, aiming to find a link between tradition and innovation, between age-old techniques and the need to explore new uses and new expressive potentialities of clay.

The Association gives the opportunity for individual persons or entities to become partners and every year will convene at the “Assemblea ordinaria” a General Meeting for the discussion and approval of the budget and final accounts. Other organs are the “ Consiglio direttivo” (Governing Council), the “Collegio dei revisori”  (Board of Auditors) and the “Collegio dei probiviri” (Board of Arbitrators). The President of the Association is Leonardo Parisi.

The biennial event “Terracotta and Wine” promoted by the Association, was founded with the main intent to promote winemaking in amphora in Italy and around the world. The practice now widespread among many wine producers brings back to light an ancient technique that has its roots in the Greek-Roman period when amphorae, were used for the processing of grapes and for storing and transporting wine. The biennial “Terracotta and Wine” aims to raise awareness of the particular characteristics of the terracotta of Impruneta, an extraordinary type of clay for its unique chemical and physical properties. Above all it aims to create a recurring appointment for a comparison of the techniques of winemaking in amphora between Italian and foreign wine producers, for which this practice has become a stylistic choice.

La Terracotta e il Vino