Guided Wine Tasting “Four Continents in Amphora”. Wines from six Producers from across the World. Only 40 places available. Book your place now!

Producers from four continents: Europe, United States, Australia and Asia will be the protagonists of the Guided Wine-Tasting session “Four continents in Amphora” which will be held on Sunday 25th November at 11.30 am, during “Terracotta and Wine 2018”. The session will be conducted by Adriano Zago Agronomist and Winemaker, Consultant in Biodynamic Agriculture and by Francesco Bartoletti Consultant Oenologist, member of Gruppo Matura, both technical consultants of Leonardo Parisi owner of Artenova Terrecotte of Impruneta.

A moment of comparison and discovery of wines from terrains and geographic areas of the world very different from each other with the only common denominator; production in terracotta wine jars, and for many of them, in Amphorae produced by Artenova. There are only 40 seats available.

There will be presentations by the owners of Montinore Estate from Oregon (United States) and Vini Visintini from Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy).

Below are the Producers involved with their respective countries of origin.


Montinore Estate, Oregon (United States)

Trofeo Estate, Dromana, (Australia)

Zorah Wines, Armenia (Asia)

Domaine de la Pousse d’or, France (Europe)

Vini Visintini, Friuli Venezia Giulia (Europe)

Foradori, Trentino Alto Adige (Europe)


The Guided Wine Tasting session “Four Continents in Amphora” (November 25th 11:30 am, “Fornace Agresti”, Impruneta) has a participation fee of 20 euro. Only 40 seats are available. Book online at this link

The booking of the Guided wine-tasting session is linked to the pre-registration and payment of the entrance fee for Terracotta and Wine 2018 (which also costs 20 Euro). It is not possible to make the reservation of the wine tasting session separately.

However, by booking online, the entrance fee + guided wine tasting is 35 Euro instead of 40 Euro. Payment must be made by bank transfer to the Cultural Association “La terracotta e il vino” The reservation is considered valid upon receipt of payment. If any eventual places are left they will be sold on Sunday 25th for 20 Euro. More info on the event website at

La Terracotta e il Vino